Detox - Cleanse, Balance, and Enhance

Ionic Foot Detox

Living in today’s polluted evnironment in the form of pesticides, additives, and preservatives found in all food and beauty products can burden our body. The body’s lymphatic system may be able to counteract these chemicals for a time, but become over-whelmed over long term exposure. This build up of toxins throughout the body compromises our appearance and health.

Detox Color Chart

Someone in need of a detox are numerous and may include:

– Headaches   – Bags under the eyes   – Poor sleep   – Depression   – Tiredness

– Lowered Immunity   – Nausea   – Dull skin   – Trush   – Overweight

– Constipation   – Spots and acne   – Sluggishness   – Mouth ulcers

– Difficulty waking up   – Allergies   – Anxiety   – Wrinkles   – Age spots

– Stress   – Exzema & Psoriasis    – Hormone imbalance   – Candida