Serenity Fitness and Wellness was born in 2006.  Originally opening in Bally, Pa and moving to Boyertown, Pa in 2009.  The idea of Serenity began when Shannon (the owner) received an inversion table as a birthday present.  Shannon was in constant pain, due to scoliosis in the spine.  Her friends decided that they wanted to help relieve some of the pain that she was in constantly and discovered inversion therapy.  Since this magical machine helped Shannon, the thought was to help as many people experience less pain and stress as possible!
* * *
Over time, other machines to help the proper function of the human body were added to the business plan, and Serenity was born!

Serenity Fitness & Wellness HQ



Head Honcho

Shannon is the owner of Serenity. Shannon and her family are very much involved in the community of Boyertown.  Shannon and her husband Bill are the chairs of the Oktoberfest event in Boyertown. Shannon enjoys spending time with her family, and long walks with her dog, Kramer.



Sue – “Grandma Sue” is Shannon’s mom.  Sue is retired from USPS and LOVES to watch General Hospital.  If you are a fan of the show, stop in and watch it with her during the normally scheduled programming time.  Sue loves her dogs Rascal and Leo, as well as her grandkids, Reid and Jas.  Sue has two daughters, Shannon and Tamzan, but Shannon is by far her favorite!  (Bio written by Shannon)


Shannon's Bestie

Emily and her husband have been long time customers of Serenity. Emily has helped in many of the projects at Serenity and continues to be an asset to the business. Emily is also the Promotions chair for Building a Better Boyertown, as well as a member of the Oktoberfest committee.

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Stephanie – Reflexology – 267-718-9999 – Call for an appointment

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